The Nagaland Information Commission was constituted under section 15(1), (2) & (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, on 14th March, 2006, vide Government Order No. AR-3/Gen-147/2005. It is a statutory body duly constituted through an Act of Parliament (Central Act No.22 of 2005). It comes under the administrative umbrella of the Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department under the Nagaland State Government.


Present Information Commissioners:

At present the Nagaland Information Commission is functioning with only one Commissioner i.e Shri. Bukchem Phom, Chief Information Commissioner.


Sanctioned strength of the Commission:

Section 16(6) of the RTI Act provides that the State Government shall provide to the Chief Information Commissioner and the state Information Commissioners with such officers and employees as may be necessary for the efficient performance of their functions under the Act.

The Commission is headed by the Chief Information Commissioner. The Secretary, Nagaland Information Commission (NIC) functions as the head of the administrative department and is assisted by Superintendent, Accounts Officer, ministerial and Grade-IV staff.

As on date, the Commission has a sanctioned strength of 17 (seventeen) numbers of post as shown below:-


Sl.No. Name of post No. of post Remarks
1 Chief Information Commissioner 1 post
2 State Information Commissioner 2 posts Vacant
3 Secretary 1 post The post of Deputy Secretary is re-designated as Secretary
4 Under Secretary 1 post Vacant
5 Superintendent 1 post Filled on deputation
6 Accounts Officer 1 post Vacant. Consultant (Account) currently engaged on contract basis.
7 Computer Programmer 1 post
8 Stenographer, Gr-II 2 posts 1 post requisitioned to NPSC
9 LDA-cum-Computer Assistant 2 posts
10 Driver, Grade-II 3 posts
11 Office Peon 1 post
12 Chowkidar 1 post
Total No. Posts 17 Posts


  • On attaining 65 years of age on 16.11.2015, Smti. Kevinino P. Meru had demitted office from the post of the Chief Information Commissioner, Nagaland.
  • Kesana, Personal Peon to Chief Information Commissioner has been terminated from the post of Personal Peon as the post being co-terminus with that of the Chief Information Commissioner w.e.f 16.11.2015
  • ShriWorhonthungEzung, Under Secretary was promoted to Deputy Secretary vide Notification No. AR-7/RTI-22/2015 dated 03.07.2015.
  • ShriWorhonthungEzung, Deputy Secretary was re-designated to the post of Secretary, Nagaland Information Commission vide Notification No. AR-7/RTI-22/2015 dated 28.11.2015
  • ShriBukchemPhom was appointed Chief Information Commissioner vide Notification No.AR-7/RTI-21/2014, dated 9.12.2015.
  • 1 (one) post of Accounts Officer at Sl. No. 6 is presently filled up on contract basis as Consultant (Accounts) with a fixed honorarium of Rs. 25,000/- p.m
  • 2 (two) posts of Stenographer, Grade-III are currently on attachment from the Nagaland Civil Secretariat.


Contingency employees:
  • Principal Private Secretary (PPS) to Chief Information Commissioner, Nagaland =1 No.
  • Consultant (Accounts) in lieu of Accounts Officer = 1 No.
  • Office Peons = 3 Nos.
  • Personal Peon = 1No.
  • Driver = 1 No.
  • Sweeper = 1 No.

The total number of employees at present including sanctioned posts, the contingency employees and Stenographer, Grade-III on attachment from the Nagaland Civil Secretariat stands at 23 (twenty three).  


Registration/Admission of NIC in NFICI:

The Nagaland Information Commission is registered member of the National Federation of Information Commissions in India (NFICI) since August, 2011 and has been registering as a member every year with a sum of Rs. 1,00,000/-. It has it’s headquarter at Hyderabad.


RTI applications received in the Commission during 2015-16.

The Commission had received twenty one (21) numbers of RTI requests/applications during period under report. The details of the status are as shown below.

Received from Total received Furnished Rejected/Denied Under process Transferred First Appeal (Amounts in Rs.)
Within the State Outside the State         To        From     Received Disposed      Fees      Cost   Penalty
2 19 21 6 NIL NIL 15 NIL NIL NIL


Appeals and Complaints:(As on February, 2016)
Cases Received Disposed Pending No. of PIO penalised Penalty imposed
Complaint 8 5 3 1 Rs. 25,000/-
Appeal 39 18 21 4 Rs. 23,500/-
Total 47 23 24 5 Rs. 48,500/-


Trainings/Seminars/Workshop/Tours etc:
  1. Kevinino P. Meru, Chief Information Commissioner (Retd), had attended the meeting of the Chief Information Commissioners on 28th August, 2015 at Civil Services Officers Institute, New Delhi.
  2. ShriBukchemPhom, Chief Information Commissioner attended the following seminars/Workshops in 2015-16.
    • Attended the 14th Board of Governors meeting of National Federation of Information Commissions in India (NFICI) on 26-11-2015 at Civil Services Officers’, Institute, New Delhi.
    • Attended the Annual Convention convened by the Central Information Commission on 16th and 17th October, 2015 at VigyanBhawan, New Delhi.
    • Attended the Regional Workshop on RTI for North Eastern States on 7th October, 2015 at Assam Administrative Staff College, Guwahati.
    • Attended the 5th General Body meeting of National Federation of Information Commissions in India (NFICI) o 17th April, 2015 at New Delhi.
  3. ShriWorhonthungEzung, Secretary was invited as resource person during the following training programmes conducted by ATI:
  4. Refresher Course for District Level (ToT) under BRGF on 17th May, 2015 at SIRD Conference Hall.


(d)  The following officers and staff of the Nagaland Information Commission had attended various training programmes at ATI:

  • Shri S.ChumbemoKithan, Computer Programmer on “Right to Information Act, 2005” from 25-26 August, 2015.
  • Shri W. ZibenthungNgullie, Superintendent on “Right to Information Act, 2005” from 25-26 August, 2015.
  • Shri S.ChumbemoKithan, Computer Programmer and Shri. W. ZibenthungNgullie, Superintendent on “Workshop on RTI Act, 2005” on 4th November, 2015.
  • Alice Yanthan, Stenographer on “Sensitization on Human Rights” on 16.09.2015.
  • ShriVisizo, LDA-cum-Computer Asst. on “Office Ethics and Personality Development” from 01 – 03 July, 2015.
  • ShriVisizo, LDA-cum-Computer Asst. on “Basic Accounting Procedure” from 09 – 11 September, 2015.
  • ShriVisizo, LDA-cum-Computer Asst. on “Library Management” from 02-04 February, 2015.
  • ShriThujotaKeyho, LDA-cum-Computer Asst. on “Accounting Procedure” from 23- 25 June, 2015.
  • ShriTeihnyeiKonyak, Office Peon on “Office Courtesy for Grade-IV Employees” on 28.08.2015.
  • ShriLongtaPhom, Office Peon on “Office Courtesy for Grade-IV Employees” on 29.08.2015.


Compilation of the Commission’s decisions and Orders:

In addition to uploading its decisions/orders etc. on the Commission’s website, the Commission has compiled all its year-wise decisions and orders passed in hard copies since its inception in 2006 till date.


Observation of RTI Week 2015:

            Alongwith the rest of the County, Nagaland Information Commission had also observed the RTI Week from 5th-12th October, 2015 in all the eleven (11) Districts across the State. During the year 2015, with the aim to create awareness and an informed citizenry at the grass root level about the importance of RTI as a tool for transparency and accountability, the Commission had chosen the theme, ‘RTI and Village Administration’, and had organised special programmes in all the districts through the district administration to sensitize the village functionaries, particularly the Village Councils and VDBs. During the programme, the RTI short film produced by the Commission was also screened.


Translation of RTI Act, 2005 to Konyak and Phom dialects.

The RTI Act, 2005 was translated to Konyak and Phom dialect with the assistance of translators from DIPR.


Year of the Inception of the Nagaland Information Commission:

The Nagaland Information Commission will be completing 10th year of its inception in March, 2016, for which the Commission is contemplating to organise one day programme at Capital Convention Centre on 3rd March, 2016.


Construction of Na:galand Information Commission’s Office Building

The Office building of Nagaland Information Commission is under construction at the New Capital Complex Division (NCCD), Kohima. The project is undertaken by the M/s Engineering Station, Kohima, Nagaland.