The Nagaland State Vigilance Commission was established in 1976.The Vigilance & Anti-corruption Police under the State Vigilance Commission is empowered to inquire into or investigate into complaints of corruption, misconduct and misdemeanours of the public servants for omissions and commissions of offences in discharging their duties.The State Vigilance Commission is headed by a Vigilance Commissioner with the following wings under him:

  • Administrative Wing: Headed by a Secretary.
  • Tribunal Court: Headed by Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings & Special Judge.
  • Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Police: Headed by the Director & DIGP.
  • Technical Wing: E.E (Technical) to assist the I.Os on technical matters.

The State Government has also appointed the Secretaries of the departments and the Deputy Commissioners of the districts as Vigilance Officers in their respective Departments and Districts. The Vigilance Officers are to coordinate with the Vigilance Commission, in cases involving allegations of bribery, corruption, forgery, cheating, criminal breach of trust, falsification of records, etc. and also cases where it is alleged that the officer have acquired assets disproportionate to their known sources of income. The drive against corruption, therefore, depends on how seriously the Vigilance Officers undertake these tasks.


The Organizational set up of the State Vigilance Commission

organizational setup P&AR



Functioning of the Vigilance Police Station 

The Home Department’s Notification vide No.CON-248/75 dated 21st August 1999 amended its earlier notification vide even No. dated 1st June, 1976 and further stated the following powers and jurisdiction to investigate into the offences punishable under the following sections of laws, as scheduled below:

  • All offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.
  • Section 406 to 409 IPC and 417 to 420 IPC.
  • Section 471 to 477A IPC.
  • All offences under the Official Secrets Acts, 1923.
  • All offences under the Assam maintenance of Public Order Act, 1947.
  • Attempts, abetments and conspiracies in items 4 to 5 above, by whosoever committed.
  • Any other particular offence or offences that may be specified by the State Government.


Basic function of P.E./ R.C. Cases

When, a complaint is received or information is received which may, after verification, indicate serious misconduct on the part of a public servant but is not adequate to justify registration of a regular case under the provisions of Section 153 Cr. P.C, a Preliminary Enquiry may be registered after obtaining approval of the Competent Authority. Sometimes the High Court also entrust matters to the State Vigilance Commission for enquiry and submission of report. In such situations also which may be rare, a ‘Preliminary Enquiry’ may be registered after obtaining orders from the Competent Authority. When the verification of a complaint and source information reveals commission of a prima facie cognizable offence, a Regular Case is to be registered as is enjoined by law. A ‘Preliminary Enquiry’ (P.E) may be converted into Regular Case (R.C) as soon as sufficient material becomes available to show that prima facie there has been commission of a cognizable offence or its discreet verification leads to similar conclusion, a Regular Case must be registered instead of a Preliminary Enquiry. It is, therefore, necessary that the Director must carefully analyse the material available at the time of evaluating the report submitted by Competent Authority of the Department so that registration of P.E. is not resorted to where a Regular Case can be registered. Where material or information available clearly indicates that it would be a case of misconduct and not criminal misconduct, it would be appropriate that the matter is referred to the Department at that stage itself by sending a self-contained note.


Activities & Achievement during the reporting period fromMarch 2015 to February 2016

  • K.T. Sukhalu, IAS (Retd) took charge of Vigilance Commissioner w.e.f. 30th March, 2015.
  • Workshop on “The Nagaland Govt. Servants Conduct Rules, 1968” and “The Nagaland Services Discipline & Appeal Rules 1967” was successfully conducted on 14th October, 2015 at the Vigilance Commission’s Conference Hall.
  • Vigilance Awareness week was observed on 26th October, 2015 at the State Academy Hall, Kohima to mark the observance of the Vigilance Awareness Week from 26thOctober to 1st November 2015 under the theme “Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance ”.
    • Vigilance Commissioner addressed the function followed by administration of pledge to all the members present.
    •  An Inter-College Debate Competition was organized for the college students. A total of 10 (ten) Colleges from Kohima participated and prizes were distributed to the best three participants.
  • Commission officers attended “Training on e-Governance & Way forward” organised by the Department of IT&C in collaboration with e-Governance Academy, Estonia for IT Nodal Officers of all the Departments at Convention Centre on 30th November, 2015.

Over the years with the economic liberalization coupled with Foreign Direct Investment in the Country, India has made an impressive growth in its economy. It may be mentioned that the introduction of flagship programmes, such as, MGNREGA, the RTE Act, NRHM, the Food Security Bill and many more flagship programmes of the Government of India has made an impact on the village economic conditions in the Country.

However, it is our experience that such programmes are fraught with mis-utilisation and mismanagement. The remedy lies with the judicious utilisation of funds by the nodal departments which can affect an effective delivery system to the targeted group.

Our analysis also shows that the number of complaints against corruption has come down but the amount of embezzlement has increased from few thousands of rupees to several crores of rupees. In the age of information technology the State Vigilance Commission is developing its own website to make information available to citizens and also to enable them register online complaints for speedy conduct of investigation into cases of corruptions.

The Disciplinary Authorities must ensure the integrity of government servants working under their respective establishments and not depend solely on the Vigilance Commission & Anti-Corruption agency to check complaints of corruption, misconduct and misdemeanours of the public servants for omissions and commissions of offences in discharging their duties.


No. of cases registered during March 2015- February 2016 :36 cases.

  1. Regular Cases (R.C.) :           3 cases
  1. Preliminary Cases (P.E.) :           33 cases

Total                            :           36 cases


 No. of cases brought forward from previous year: 67 cases

  1. Regular Cases (R.C.) :           37cases
  2. Preliminary Cases (P.E.) :           30cases

Total                               :           67Cases

Total Number of cases investigated during the period : 36 + 67 = 103 cases

Imposition of Penalties/Conviction and status of action taken : 22 cases

Case No. Nature of Allegation Number of persons
penalised/convicted and status of action taken
1 A.VIG-8/2014 Complaint against illegal appointments/ absorption and regularization of officers in the Department of Industries and Commerce Dropped due to lack of evidence
2 E.VIG-18/2004 Verification of medical reimbursement bills in r/o 1 (one) MT PHQ, 1 (one) S.I. of Statistics and 1 (one) ex-Primary Teacher Administrative warning issued to 1 (one) Medical Officer
3 A.VIG-11/2012 Complaint against construction of Road from Diezephe to Razaphe via Vidima Closed on completion of work
4 A.VIG-4/2014 Complaint against the Excise Department, Nagaland on pilferage of 2054 cases of IMFL/Beer Administrative warnings served to :

1(one) Supt. of Excise

2(two) Inspectors

5 B.VIG-1/2006 Misappropriation of money allotted to the Educated Unemployed Union of Nagaland (EUUN) by the President, EUUN An amount of Rs. 30,000/- recovered and deposited through Challan
6 A.VIG-1/2015 Complaint against one person for holding 2(two) posts. Allegation found baseless
7 A.VIG-23/2015 Complaint against one BDO for drawing an amount of Rs. 17,29,120/- under MGNREGA from the public union Chingmei Village’s Account. Closed on refunded of the amount to the Union.
8 A.VIG-2/2014 Complaint against misuse of MGNREGS funds in Kikruma Village Closed on settlement between the 2(two) parties.
9 A.VIG-11/2015 Excess payment of Rs. 2.09 crore to lessee against the cost of energy generated from LHEP under Power Deptt. Closed as allegation of excess payments does not arise.
10 R.C.-1/2010 Verification of HSLC Admit Card & Mark Sheet in r/o one Supervisor, Sericulture Deptt. 1 (one) Supervisor convicted to pay a fine of Rs. 5000/- in default to undergo 1 year R.I.
11 R.C.-6/2014 Fictitious payments or Rs. 36.95 lakh under the E.E. (R&B) South Division. Prima facie not established
12 R.C.-7/2008 Complaint against withdrawal of Rs. 82,25,000/- by one Contractor without execution of various developmental projects at Oting Village. Closed on completion of incomplete construction works.
13 R.C.-19/2010 Double employment of the same person against 2 (two) posts. 2 (two) persons were convicted to pay a fine of Rs. 5000/- each and

1 (one) person a fine of Rs. 40,000/-

14 R.C.-14/2010 Fraudulent drawal of Travelling Allowance (2008-2009) 1(one) Headmaster and 1(one) STO discharged from liabilities.
15 R.C.-5/2006 Illegal deduction of 50% of ADA Arrears in r/o work charge staff under Housing Department Administrative warnings issued to:

1(one) UDA

2(two) SA

Amount recovered: Rs. 6.30 lakh

16 R.C.-2/2010 Possession of false certificate for employment as ANM/FHW in the Medical Deptt. 2 (two) ANM/FHW terminated from service
17 R.C.-1/2013 Complaint against procurement of false appointment  order Allegation could not be established.
18 R.C.-14/2009 Complaint against 1(one) person for holding 2(two) posts 1(one) P/T convicted to pay a fine of Rs. 10,000/- in default to undergo 6 (six) months S.I.
19 R.C.-10/2010 Misappropriation of funds meant for Tsutsung M.I. Projects under Mokokchung Dist. (2008-09) Administrative warning issued to the then E.E. (I&FC)
20 R.C.12/2012 Complaint pertaining to Financial Assistance for construction of Margaret Shishak School of Music Building at Patkai Christian College, Chumukedima, Dimapur Prima facie not established.
21 R.C.-9/2010 Misappropriation of food grains meant for APL & BPL Beneficiaries Dropped due to lack of evidence.
22 R.C.-13/2012 Complaint against the Deptt. of Horticulture for gross misappropriation under various CSS Scheme Dropped due to lack of evidence


Particulars Total Number
1 Number of Gazetted officers 7
2 Number of Non-Gazetted employees 7
3 Number of Public Servants, Private etc. 3
GRAND TOTAL (No. of persons involved etc.) 17


Cases under Investigation : 76 cases

Case No. Nature of Allegation
1 R.C-11/2012 Complaint against condemnation and dismantling of Govt. quarters
2 R.C -8/2014 Doubtful expenditure on free distribution of LPG connections
3 R.C-2/2013 Condemnation and dismantling of Govt. quarters
4 R.C-11/2014 Misuse of funds under Horticulture Technology Mission
5 A.VIG-4/2008 Confirmation withdrawal of GPF final payment an amount of Rs. 81,689/-
6 A.VIG-6/2008 Appointment of Primary Teacher at GPS Khusomi village without verification of his fake certificate of PU Pass
7 A.VIG-1/2013 Non-completion of work for improvement of road from Mini Hydro Project Tehok-Chenloisho after a lapse of 6 (six) years.
8 A.VIG-5/2014 Illegal regularization of 20 work charge employees
9 A.VIG-12/2015 Payment of Rs. 3.46 crores on fictitious measurements of 40 projects
10 R.C-20/2010 Appointment of work charge employees despite being banned
11 R.C-21/2010 Forged signature of the appointing authority in the appointment order.
12 R.C-2/2014 Complaint against DTO, Zunheboto for issue of fake/fraudulent driving license.
13 B.VIG-2/2010 Anomaly of Chukitong Village Development Board (VDB)
14 R.C-6/2011 Appointment made without sanctioned post/suspected forged signature of the Authority
15 R.C-5/2014 Complaint against construction of road from old Phek via Khuza to Satakha
16 A.VIG-14/2015 Unexecuted project worth Rs. 0.38 crore at Amiyighoki of Zutovi village but completion report furnished
17 A.VIG-2/2015 Non-completion of Cricket Stadium at Sovima mount to Rs. 74.83 crores since 2009
18 A.VIG-26/2015 Verification into genuineness of claim for family pension after a lapse of 36 years
19 A.VIG-30/2015 Complaint against the National Lake Conservation Project under PHE Department
20 A.VIG-02/2016 Complaint against non-execution of PMGSY road construction work.
21 R.C-4/2011 Appointment against fake vacancy under School Education Department
22 RC-9/2014 Withdrawal of medical advance under the Industries Department
23 R.C-10/2014 Misappropriation of Rs. 3 crores for construction of ropeway between Puliebadze and Kohima Village
24 A.VIG-5/2015 Undue benefit of Rs. 10.25 crore to a local contractor for setting up of MRI
25 A.VIG-18/2015 Mis-utilization of Rs. 5.49 crore meant for procurement of stone boulder and chips
26 A.VIG-14/2012 Gross misuse of VDB fund under NREGA under RD Block Wokha
27 A.VIG-31/2015 Complaint against DRDA, Kiphire for manipulation of funds under NREGA Project during 2013-14 and 2014-15
28 R.C-5/2011 Misappropriation of old age pension & disabilities fund under Social Welfare Department, Longleng
29 R.C-5/2012 Forgery/impersonation in the appointment of Medial Attendant
30 A.VIG-1/2014 Misappropriation of project funds without execution of work at Thevopisü Village, Phek District
31 A.VIG-15/2012 Forgery, cheating funds under Social Welfare
32 B.VIG-3/2012 Complaint against irregularities under Central Store Electrical Department, Dimapur
33 R.C-1/2014 Authentication of appointment order under different Health Units in Wokha
34 A.VIG-8/2015 Short receipt of equipment worth Rs. 0.81 crore in four test checked districts from the equipment issued by SHS during 2009-2014
35 R.C-3/2015 Misappropriation of Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) Scheme by the Executive Engineer (Irrigation), Phek
36 R.C-2/2015 Irregularities in the selection of MBBS/ BDS through NSPMT
37 A.VIG-29/2015 Complaint against PHE Department for misuse of funds under maintenance.
38 B.VIG-1/2010 Procuring fake certificates and getting into government service under Education Department
39 B.VIG-4/2014 Forgery and financial misappropriation at Mt. Tiyi Govt. College, Wokha
40 A.VIG-3/2015 Fictitious expenditure amounting to Rs. 0.19 crore without execution of work meant for construction of 2 (two) Sub-Centres
41 A.VIG-7/2015 Purchase of 50 types of medicines and seven equipment above the maximum retail price for Rs. 0.75 crore
42 A.VIG-24/2015 Matter relating to GEF-UNDP in Nagaland
43 A.VIG-7/2014 Drawal of Rs. 10,00,000/- for ghost work charge employees under Directorate of Irrigation & Flood Control
44 A.VIG-4/2015 Fictitious expenditure amounting to Rs. 0.39 crore without execution of work
45 A.VIG-27/2015 Illegal registration of GVW under Transport Department
46 A.VIG-01/2016 Complaint against misappropriation of CSS under Social Welfare Department
47 A.VIG-3/2014 Settlement of GPF Final under SDEO Mokokchung
48 A.VIG-16/2015 Allowance of rs78.51lakhs in 15 bills against non-existent employees
49 A.VIG-5/2013 Complaint against tampering of date of birth in the service book under NST Deptt.
50 R.C-9/2012 Pension objection in respect of Lt. P. PiholiSema P/T
51 A.VIG-3/2010 Fake education certificate and overage during the time of appointment under Education Department
52 A.VIG-9/2015 Short receipt of medicines worth Rs. 0.72 crore under Medical Department
53 R.C-3/2011 Appointment against non–existent vacancies under Education Department
54 B.VIG-2/2014 Complaint against the Power Dept. for executing ‘Deposit Work’ departmentally in all the electrical division without authorized electrical contractor
55 A.VIG-10/2015 Short receipt of medicines and equipment worth Rs. 1.66 crore with Central Store of NRHM though full payment was released to the suppliers
56 A.VIG-13/2015 Payment of Rs. 0.71 crore to the contractors against incomplete and abandoned project under Irrigation & Flood Control Department
57 A.VIG-22/2015 Complaint against the office of CMO, Kiphire for misuse of fund under NRHM Project (ASHA, JSK, JSSK) during 2013-15
58 A.VIG-1/2011 Appointment of daughter against the bogus vacancy of the mother under Education Department
59 A.VIG-12/2012 Holding of 2 (two) posts and modification of name as Forest Guard, Kiphire and under SDEO Dimapur
60 A.VIG-3/2013 Misuse of funds under Power Department (Jalukie, Peren and Ganeshnagar)
61 A.VIG-17/2015 Drawal of Rs. 1.24 crore meant for implementation of National Land Records Modernization Programme by forging APRs in the name of three District Land Records and Survey Officers
62 B.VIG-1/2014 Installation against Solar Power Plant without authorized electrical contractor
63 A.VIG-21/2015 Irregular appointment/regularization/grant of scale pay/promotion under NPWD in r/o 164 employees
64 A.VIG-19/2015 Evasion of tax by M/s Kaho Motors and M/s Urban Station, Dimapur
65 B.VIG-2/2012 Bogus Primary Teacher at GPS, LioLongidang, Bhandari, Wokha
66 A.VIG-15/2015 Discrepancy between records of measurement and actual execution and payment made  mounting to Rs. 1.05 crore
67 B.VIG-1/2012 Possession of fake educational certificate under GHSS, Aboi, Mon
68 A.VIG-6/2015 Rs. 0.20 crore released to three contractors against unexecuted construction of 4 (four) BHOs
69 A.VIG-20/2015 Assessing Authority did not consider the records of the Check Posts/ Mobile Squad while scrutinizing the Returns and passed the assessment order which led to an evasion of tax amounting to Rs. 63.53 lakh with an interest levy able of Rs. 59.26 lakh.
70 A.VIG-25/2015 Verification into genuineness of claim for family pension after a lapse of 31 years under Forest Department
71 A.VIG-28/2015 Financial irregularities under AYUSH Programme
72 B.VIG-3/2014 Execution of electrical installation work by unauthorized contractor
73 A.VIG-4/2007 Fraudulent drawal of GPF payment under Education Department
74 R.C-1/2015 Misappropriation of IEDSS fund meant for disabled students by School Education Deptt.
75 R.C-3/2014 Complaint against DTO, Wokha for issue of fake/fraudulent driving license.
76 R.C-7/2014 Construction of Swimming Pool and fictitious payment thereof under the Youth Resources Department



Gist of the physical achievement report 

  1. E. : Preliminary Enquiry.
  2. C. : Regular Case (Criminal)
  • F. : Screening File.


Particulars Case Series
P.E. R.C. Total
1 No. of cases where action was taken 9 13 22
2 No. of cases under investigation 54 22 76
3 No. of cases under Trial 04 04
4 No. of cases where F.R. Submitted to the Court 01 01
5 Total Number of Cases investigated during the period 103
6 Amount/material recovered i)   Amount : Rs. 6,60,000/- (six lakh sixty thousand) only.
7 Construction of works was taken up by the Contractors/Department concerned on the direction and recommendation of the Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Police. Positive Vigilance :

i)     Diezephe to Razhaphe-Road & Bridge.

ii)   Oting village- Retaining wall, Public toilet etc.



Number of cases registered and investigated with various Government Department during March 2015 to February 2016

Sl. No. Name of the Department Number of cases
1 School Education 20
2 Health & Family Welfare 17
3 Rural Development 8
4 PWD 13
5 Dimapur Municipal Council 1
6 PHED 3
7 Transport 4
8 Police 1
9 Food & Civil Supply 2
10 Social Welfare 3
11 Power 5
12 Youth Resources 2
13 Forest 3
14 Horticulture 2
15 New & Renewable Energy 1
16 Excise 1
17 Industries & Commerce 2
18 Irrigation & Flood Control 7
19 Deputy Commissioner Office 1
20 Technical Education 1
21 Higher Education 1
22 Soil & Water Conservation 1
23 Land Records & Survey 1
24 Taxation 1
25 Finance 1
26 Sericulture 1
27 Planning and Co-ordination 2
Total 105