Government of Nagaland

Home Department : Police Estt. Branch

No.POL-1/ESTT/23/2001                                                                                Dated, Kohima, the 16th Feb, 2006.



Sub:- Channel of writing ACRs in respect of IPS Officers.

The procedures and guidelines for writing and accepting of Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) of IPS officers of Nagaland Cadre are prescribed for information and guidance of all concerned.

The channel of writing ACRs of IPS officers shall be as follows:


Sl.No Rank Reporting Officer Reviewing  Authority Accepting Authority
1 Junior Time Scale SP DIG IGP
2 Senior Time Scale DIG IGP DGP
3 Selection Grade DIG IGP DGP
4 Super Time Scale      
  (a) DIG IGP DGP Chief Secretary
  (b) IGP ADGP Chief Secretary Home Minister
5 Above Super Time  Scale      
  (a)Addl. DGP DGP Chief Secretary Home Minister
6 DGP Chief Secretary Home Minister Chief Minister



(ii)       As envisaged under Rule 5(1) of the amended AIS (Confidential Rolls) Rules, 1970, a Confidential Report assessing the performance, character and conduct and qualities of a member of the service shall be written within two months of the close of the financial year or calendar year, as the case may be. In view of this stipulation, the member of the service reported upon to whom Form-I or Form-II of the CR is applicable should be filled up in Part-II of the CR form and submit it to the Reporting Officer within one month from the date of receipt by him, of the form.

(iii)      It is also envisaged that the Reporting/Reviewing Authorities may also make remarks in the nature of counsel or advice, to the officer. Rule 9, as amended in the aforesaid Rule lays down that where the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authorities records an adverse remark, he shall record a note to the effect that the remark is adverse remark. Such authority shall also prepare a contemporaneous note containing the facts and circumstances and the reasons for recording the adverse remark and keep the note as an aide memories which he may use while furnishing his remarks on any representation made by the officer concerned against the adverse remark.

(iv)      Instructions/advice/counsel given by the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authority in the CR shall not be taken as matters adverse to the officer reported upon. These remarks are instructive remarks designed to help the officer to improve his performance and should be treated by the Departmental Promotional Committees and Selection Committees as such.

(v)       The instructions/advice/counsel given to the officer during the period of report and his response to such instructive remarks/advice/counsel and the improvement or lack of improvement shown by him in his work, performance and conduct shall be recorded by the Reporting Authority in the column “General Assessment”.



                                                                                                 Sd/- Banuo Z. Jamir.

Principal Secretary to the Government of Nagaland.