Government of Nagaland

Personnel and Administrative Reforms Branch

(Administrative Reforms Branch)


Dated: Kohima, the 30th Oct, 2019

No.AR-3/GEN-9/97 (Pt) :: In pursuance of Section 22 of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 all the Administrative Head of Departments/Head of Departments are requested to comply with the provision of the section which is reproduced below as follows :-

“Section 22.   (1) Every establishment shall maintain records of the persons with disabilities in relation to the matter of employment, facilities provided and other necessary information in compliance with the provisions of this Chapter in such form and manner as may be prescribed by the Central Government.

(2) Every employment exchange shall maintain records of persons with disabilities seeking employment.

(3) The records maintained under sub-section (1) shall be open to inspection at all reasonable hours by such persons as may be authorised in their behalf by the appropriate Government.”


Comm & Secretary to the Government of Nagaland

No.AR-3/GEN-9/97 (Pt)                                                                   Dated: Kohima, the  30th Oct, 2019