No.AR-3/GEN-92/2002                                                    Dated: Kohima, the 13th June, 2019

            In partial modification to this Departments’ Office Memorandum No.AR-3/GEN-92/2002 dated 16th September 2011, the Governor of Nagaland is please to lay down the following basic guidelines for Constitution of Cadre Review Committee for various Government Departments:-

  • Chairman : Commissioner & Secretary and above of another Department.
  • Member Secretary  : Secretary of the Concerned Department.
  • Member : Representative of the Justice & Law Department not below the rank of Joint Secretary.
  • Member : Representative of the Finance Department not below the rank of Joint Secretary.
  • Member : Representative of the P&AR Department not below the rank of  Joint Secretary.
  • Member : Director of the concerned Department.

2. The President of the concerned Department Association, if any may be invited for meetings as and when necessary.

3. Besides, the brief activities/action plan of the Department’s concerned; the Cadre Review Committee shall furnish all the relevant information as per proforma enclosed for submission of Cadre Review Report.

4. These basic guidelines should be adopted by all Government Departments as and when a Cadre Review Committee is to be constituted.

5. The Cadre Review Committee will be constituted by the P&AR Department as and when such a proposal is received from the concerned Department.

6. Every Cadre Review Committee has to submit report in the prescribed proforma annexed at Forms-A (i) (ii), B (i)(ii)(iii), C (i)(ii), D (i)(ii), E (i)(ii)(iii)(iv), F (i)(ii), G,H and I (i)(ii).

Click here to download the format for proposal of Cadre Review