Government of Nagaland

Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms

(Vigilance Branch)


NO.PER/VIG/5/3/2002                                                               Dated, Kohima, the 8th Jan’ 2004


Sub:- Writing and Submission of ACR(s) 

It has been observed that by and large, writing and submission of ACRs has not been satisfactory. Whereas, promotion, confirmation crossing of Efficiency Bar and Assured Career Progression, etc should be based on the assessment of the performance of officials as reflected in the ACR(s)

  1. It is, therefore, mandatory for every official to submit their ACR (S) along with covering letters while initiating their ACR and copy of forwarding letter to be endorsed to Vigilance Branch, P&AR Department. Similarly, the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authorities are to endorse copy of forwarding letter.
  1. On ascertaining that the officer concerned has duly initiated his/her ACR on time but the same is being delayed in transit at Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting levels, then it shall be construed that officer is not at fault. Under such circumstances the officer concerned shall be allowed to fill in the relevant portion in the prescribed ACR proforma and the same be presented to the Civil Service Board/Promotional Committee for grading.
  1. This memo is in partial modification of this Department O.M. No.PER/VIG/5/3/2001 dated 22/08/01 and to be brought to the notice of all concerned.



 Chief Secretary to the Government of Nagaland



                                    CABINET SECRETARY

                                    NEW DELHI


B.K.CHATURVEDI                                                                D.O.NO.11059/22/2003-AIS-III 21ST June, 2005.


Dear Chief Secretary,

Department of Personnel & Training has prescribed a time schedule for furnishing the ACR forms to the members of the Service reported upon, completion of self-assessment and writing of report by the Reporting/Reviewing and Accepting Authorities vide letter.NO.11059/3/88-AIS (III) Dated the 26th May, 1988. The ACRs, however, are frequently received considerably late.

  1. The Standing Committee for grievances of officers of the level of Joint Secretary and above has revived a number of representations regarding delays in the promotion/empanelment of officers primarily because their ACRs were not completed in the prescribed time schedule. Such delays also frequently deprive the reviewing the accepting authorities from recording their observations as many of them demit office by the time the ACRs are ready to be forwarded to them.
  1. The need for timely completion of Annual Confidential Reports (ACRs) of members of All India Services cannot be overemphasized. In order to streamline the process of recording of the ACRs, the existing instructions have suitably been revised. I am enclosing a copy of the revised instructions with the request that these should be strictly followed at all levels to ensure the timely completion of ARCs.


Yours faithfully,






The following schedule should be strictly followed:-

Reporting Year-Financial Year 

   CR form to be           Time schedule for         Time schedule      Time schedule     Time schedule for

     given to the          officer reported upon       for Reporting       for Reviewing            Accepting

  Officer reported            for completing             Authority to          Authority to            Authority to

          upon                           Part-II.                   complete CR                  complete CR          complete CR


By 1st April                      30th April                      31st May             Within one Month of receipt          Within one month

of receipt


  1. The completed ACR should reach the Cadre Controlling Authorities by 31stAugust. The Cadre Controlling authority will prepare a list of ACRs not received and follow up with Secretaries of the concerned Ministries and Chief Secretaries of the respective States.
  2. Nodal officers should be appointed to ensure that the ACRs of the members of service, duly completed, are sent to the Cadre Controlling Authority within the stipulated time, i.e.31stAugust every year. The State Governments are requested to designate Principal Secretary/Secretary in charge of Personnel/General Administration Department as Nodal officers. They shall send a list each of the members of Service whose ACRs are to be written/reviewed and accepted to the concerned Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting authorities by 15th April every year enable them to ensure completion of ACRs within the time-schedule. Nodal officers should also ensure that ACRs of the earlier years, which are presently, pending with the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting Authorities, are completed and sent to the Cadre Controlling Authorities by 30th June, 2005, positively.
  3. If an ACR relating to a financial year is not recorded by 31stDecember of the following year, no remarks shall be recorded thereafter. The member of service will be assessed based on the overall record and self-assessment of the year concerned, if he had given his self-assessment in time.
  4. The member of Service reported upon shall, while forwarding his self-appraisal to the Reporting Authority, endorse a copy of the self-appraisal, the nodal officer and keep a record of the same as evidence that he had submitted the same in time.
  5. The Reporting Officer shall record his comments in the ACR of the officer reported upon within the stipulated time and send it to the Reviewing officer along with a copy thereof to the Nodal officer.
  6. In case the Reporting officer fails to submit the ACR to the Reviewing officer within the stipulated period under intimation to the Nodal officer, the Nodal officer shall send a copy of self-appraisal direct to the Reviewing Officer and authorize him to initiate the ACR. The Nodal Officer shall also keep a note of the failure of the Reporting officer to submit the ACR of his subordinate in time for an appropriate entry in the ACR of such Reporting Officers.
  7. If the Reviewing Officer fails to submit the ACR to the next higher authority within the stipulated period under intimation to the Nodal Officer, the nodal officer shall send a copy of self-appraisal alone or the self-appraisal along with the assessment by the Reporting Officer, as the case may be, to the Accepting Authority and also keep a note of the failure of the Reviewing Officer to record his entries in time for the purpose of recording the same in the ACR of the Reviewing Officer.
  8. The Nodal Officer shall evolve a suitable mechanism to ensure that the remarks of the Reporting, the Reviewing and Accepting Authorities are recorded without fail by the 31stDecember of the year following the year of assessment.