Government of Nagaland

Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms

(Vigilance Branch)


NO.PER/VIG/5/3/2001                                                                                      Dated Kohima, the 22nd August, 2001


Sub:-  Writing and submission of Annual Confidential Reports 


A number of instructions have been issued from time to time regarding the procedure for writing Annual confidential reports (ACR) and the need for timely action in this regard by all concerned. This issue was also discussed recently in the monthly meeting of Secretaries/ Heads of Departments held on 20/7/2001.

  1. It has been noticed that by and large the system of writing ACRs has not been satisfactory. In some cases, the reports have been incomplete and even sketchy. The contents of the ACR offer no real clue to an officer’s performance, capacity, efficiency or character. It has also been observed that in many cases there is inordinate delay on the part of Reporting/Reviewing authorities in recording their remarks and many ACRs are needlessly kept pending. It may be emphasized that ACRs are important documents, as the Government has accepted the principle that confirmation crossing of EB, Promotion, Career Progression etc. should be based on the assessment of the performance of officials as reflected in the ACRs. It has been decided that promotions/confirmation etc. will, henceforth, not be considered in the absence of ACRs, which are due. Therefore, it is necessary that ACRs should not only be carefully and objectively recorded but also recorded within the stipulated time.
  1. As per the existing system, the reports on all State Government officers, other than All India Service officers are for a calendar year i.e. from January to December. In the case of officers belonging to All India Services, the reports are for the period from April to March. In accordance with this, a time schedule for recording ACRs is given in the Annexure attached for strict compliance by all concerned.
  1. In those cases where self-assessment by the officer reported upon is required, if the officer does not submit the self assessment to the Reporting Authority within the stipulated date, the latter may initiate the ACR without the self-assessment after recording this fact and submit to the Reviewing Authority. Secondly, if it comes to light that any Reporting or Reviewing authority has willfully delayed submission of ACR beyond the stipulated date, despite receiving it on time, the fact of this negligence shall be adversely recorded in the ACR of the concerned Reporting/Reviewing authority. Thirdly, if the officer concerned has completed his self-assessment and submitted to the Reporting Authority on time, he/she would not be penalized for promotion etc. even though these may be pending with the Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting authorities. Such cases would be considered on the basis of available records.
  1. All Administrative Heads of Department and Heads of Department are directed to comply with these instructions strictly and also bring the contents of this O.M to the notice of all concerned in their respective Departments for strict compliance.




Chief Secretary to the Government of Nagaland.