Government of Nagaland

Department of personnel & Administrative Reforms

(Vigilance Branch)


NO.PER/ACR/6/2/79:                                                                                          Dated Kohima, the  3rd  Oct’1981.



Sub: – Writing of ACRs and communication of adverse remarks thereof:

Some of the Departments have sought clarification as to whether the remark “Fair” against any item of the ACR or against the Grading of the employees is considered to be as adverse remark and whether in view of such remark, an employee may be allowed to cross the E.B. And considered fit for confirmation or promotion. These points were under examination of the government for some time. It has now been decided that the remark “Fair” only indicates that the person concerned is of an average standard and it shall not be treated as adverse.


So far as confirmation, promotion, crossing of E.B. etc. are concerned, a decision in regard to suitability of an officer is not taken with reference to particular remarks against specific column  in isolation but on the basis of an overall view of the entire record of service available upto date.


                                                                                                               Sd/- A.Shanmugam

                                    Secretary to the Govt. of Nagaland